Saturday, 20 August 2011

19-21 Ramzan martyrdom of Imam Ali a.s.

Lion of God the Sign of Imam Ali 
Graphic design of Name Ali

Calligraphic design of Imam Ali a.s name

Footsteps of Imam Ali a.s  on stone in Hyderabad Pakistan 

Computer graphic design Showing Imam Ali a.s simble as a door of Knowledge

Two edges sword of pure iron and copper, copy of original Sword. 

A boy cutting his body as a protest (azadari) on the martyrdom of Imam ALi a.s 

Zanjeer zani ( Chains with sharp knifes) 

Zanjeer zani on road in Lahore

members of zanjeer zani preparing to start 

Gold tazia  the copy of Imam Ali a.s Shrine in procession 


  1. Whats they doing with blade???

  2. Its very interesting that people beat them self in a love of any person. I want to know about that person. He must be a great personality.

  3. they all are ready to cute there body with the blade in the love of mola hussain because mola hussain was murdered i mean shahed in kurbala with his friends and familys ,kids by yazed lanati so thats for we cry for all that problume mola hussain have to face in the kurbla just to save islam they was thurstiy for 3 days in kurbela but yazed lanti did not let them have the water even for the child of age 6months named hazrat ali asgher.

  4. Ya ALi madad
    friends must vist them

  5. any questions please ask


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